The Pitiless Storm

On the eve of the Scottish referendum on the most important night of his life a left wing trade unionist goes through a crisis of conscience as he is forced to question his political and moral beliefs in the face of a sea-change in his country’s political life.

Loved and respected Bob Cunningham  (David Hayman) has devoted his life to the party he loves and believes in but in his mid-fifties he is forced by the voices of his past and his conscience to re-evaluate everything he has held dear.

A widower with a dicky ticker and an estranged son is either about to accept an OBE or make a decision that will not only change his life but may also affect the future course of his country.



 ‘Hayman is on blistering form‘   The List

 ‘Electrifying and stirring stuff’   EdFest

 ‘A bravura performance from Hayman’   TVBomb

‘Brilliantly scripted and passionately delivered … steeped in emotion’

 ‘Passionate and delivered with real panache’   Daily Telegraph

 ‘Q&A sessions after a performance rarely ignite. This is the exception’  Theatre in Wales

‘Hayman gives a masterful and faultless performance that has the audience eating out of the palm of his hand’   Edinburgh Spotlight

‘The dialogue, beautifully recited by Hayman, even earns laughs from the members of the audience who hold different political views, simply down to its pure wit.’  The Skinny

 ‘Hayman plays the conflict between pragmatic gradualist and radical socialist, egotist and altruist within Cunningham with an impressive sense of psychological and emotional meltdown. If you only see one monodrama or one show about Scotland’s referendum during this year’s Fringe, this play is a winner on both counts.’  Sunday Herald

 ‘Chris Dolan's writing and David Hayman's wonderful performance as politician Bob Cunningham are both clear and convincing.’  British Theatre Guide

‘Hayman gives a blistering, heart-felt performance.’  Broadway Baby


Performed by David Hayman
Written by Chris Dolan
Directed by David Hayman Jr.


The Pitiless Storm was toured from July to September 2014