From the Calton to Catalonia


Dramatising the involvement of working-class Glasgow families in the Spanish Civil War, both in Spain itself and on the "home front", From the Calton to Caledonia was written by Willy and John Maley in tribute to their father James - the conflict's longest-surviving Scottish veteran - and originally performed at Mayfest in 1990, during the City of Culture celebrations. Centred on themes of family, sacrifice, idealism and loss, this is a newly revised version, directed as a rehearsed reading by Martin McCardie.

Performed by Martin McCardie ,Clare Gray, Bruce Morton, Maureen Carr, Erin McCardie, Matthew Gallagher and Davie MacKay

Music performed by Arthur Johnstone (vocals), Fraser Spiers (harmonica) and Stephen Wright (guitar, mandolin)

Written by John Maley & Willy Maley

Directed by Martin McCardie