The Periodic Fable


Panto? Science? Oh yes it is...

Science and pantomime: two disparate worlds.  Or so we thought, until we pipetted them into the Large Hadron Collider and forced a collision…

Imagine a world where Puss in Boots moonlights as Schrodinger's Cat; Jack genetically engineers beanstalks; Snow White is an esteemed toxicologist; and Aladdin's genie really is made of genes!  

Panto Science: The Periodic Fable is an exciting theatre production for young and old, packed with geeky gags to tickle the funny bone and test your grey matter. 

As the story unfolds, discover the little-known science dimension of panto-land through live experiments, music and audience participation.  

From astro-lyricists to zoo-LOL-ogists, Panto Science will bring together scientists, actors, writers, comedians and performers for a truly collaborative project.  Our aim is to bring science to new audiences, challenge stereotypes and inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers.  Plus songs!

Is science for everyone? Oh yes it is!

Performed by Erin McCardie, Karen Foster and Bruce Morton

Written by Bruce Morton and Dr Zara Gladman

Directed by Wendy Turner

The Periodic Fable was performed at The Assembly Rooms during the 2015 Edinburgh Festival.