The Cabaret of Dangerous Ideas


The Cabaret of Dangerous Ideas (CODI) is a unique blend of serious academic research, irreverent comedy and a liberal dose of controversy – all in the cause of our Universities’ brightest and bravest engaging with the public through the medium of entertainment at the world’s largest arts festival.

So it’s debate, discussion and discourse(and lots of audience questions) in the company of some of the fiercest intellects that Scotland has to offer – from Professors, PhD’s and our top scientists and researchers.

The Cabaret of Dangerous Ideas is a programme produced by Fair Pley and curated by Beltane Public Engagement Network, representing Edinburgh’s four universities.


Now in it's 7th year, this year's CODI line up can be found on the Beltane website, The Stand Comedy Club and on the What's On part of our website.