A Man’s A Man


‘A Man’s A Man: The Lives of Robert Burns’ is a captivating musical play created by Martin Franssen and Rod Grant portrays Burns in all his colourful and contradictory glory. Burns’ autobiographical works are performed in new musical settings and follow the poet from his humble beginnings in Ayrshire to his tragic early death in Dumfries, via the stardom, adulation and bright lights of Edinburgh.

A truly moving hour and a half which will leave you emotionally wrought, entertained, educated and enchanted’‘The whole performance oozed brilliance.’  5 stars, Broadway Baby, Edinburgh Fringe 2018.

Director Liz Caruthers

Book Rob Grant

Score Martin Franssen

Lyrics Robert Burns

A Man’s A Man is having it’s professional debut, performed at The Stand’s New Town Theatre as part of the 2019 Edinburgh Fringe.

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