Rebel Heart


The incredible life of Margaret Skinnider.

The Coatbridge born Mathematics teacher of Irish parentage, was an active member of the Irish Citizen Army and the only female volunteer injured in the 1916 Easter uprising. Skinnider fought for justice in every period of her life. She is remembered as a suffragette, teacher, sniper author and prisoner. She became president of the Irish National Teachers’ Organisation and remained a champion of women’s rights.

“Margaret Skinnider: Rebel Heart” – inspired by the revolutionary and trade union leader Margaret Skinnider. Wounded fighting during the Easter Rising, Skinnider was an excellent markswoman and close friend of Constance Markiewicz; she was an active suffragette and went on to become the President of the Irish teachers’ union, whilst battling the authorities for decades to secure her war pension – denied to her as a woman. This powerful, moving drama is the fruition of six years of research and a major part of the efforts to achieve the rightful place in history for the Coatbridge born Margaret Skinnider.

Performed by Clare Gray, Julie Hale and Erin McCardie

Written by Cat Hepburn

Directed by Sarah McCardie and originated by Maggie Chetty.


Rebel Heart was performed on tour in Autumn 2016.